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Dating Site Review: is an online dating site which is a part of the big FriendFinder network. This network is fun and friendly, and it is one of several networks that cater for specific demographics like the Latins, Christians, Asians, gays, and even the super rich people.  This network claims to have more than 150,000 new members everyday across the board and JewishFriendFinder has about 82,846 of those members worldwide.  This is the reason why JewishFriendFinder is considered as one of the most popular dating sites in the world.

If you are familiar with the social networking scene over the Internet, JewishFriendFinder operates similar to Facebook format.  This dating site allows you to create your own profile and a “Friends Network”, which is a feature that you can use to invite other members to join.  Once members are included in your network, you can view their activities and they can view yours. You can also view their photo albums, and share with then some news or announcements on the network bulletins. The more people you have on your network the better chances you have of hooking up. 

Faith plays a significant part in the philosophy of this dating site, but this is not an exclusive site.  Though most members are Jewish singles, people of other religious and ethnic backgrounds are also welcome to join. The site encourages its members to share information about religious affiliation and practices, and it also creates the general feeling of friendliness. allows its members to search for members of the same gender, which is something that is not provided in other sites like this.

This site has an extensive FAQ/help page that covers general questions like; questions on your account, profile, billing, information about interacting with other members, site features and many more.  You can also find the usual FriendFinder fun features, like the Winks.

Winks are fun to send and they are cute way of breaking the ice before getting too intimate with another member. There are also other matchmaking features that are at your disposal like the personality test, new member matches and the Dove e-mails. The personality test is a form of survey designed to find out your personality type and then the site will give suggestions of personality types that would suit you best.  There is a good complete description of the results and there will be four personality type suggestions that match yours, which allows you to keep a look out for those matches on your searches.  Dove emails and New Member Matches are features that both show the members who match you based on your chosen preferences.

This site offer membership options that are tiered, which means that the more you spend the more options you get.  However, it is advisable that members add as much information to their profile as possible so that they have more chances of getting more interests from other members.

Free members can add video introductions and create a full profile but they are restricted from browsing other profiles until they pay for membership. The search options are ranked the same way and paid members can also enjoy better customer service and quicker profile and photo reviews.

Just like in many dating sites, joining JeweishFriendFinder is simple and easy. The registration form requires you to provide some basic personal information as well as description of yourself and your ideal match.

What’s good about this site is that it allows free members more features than any other site does. In some dating sites, free members can only browse profiles, send flirts and view photos, but they do not have the capacity to initiate contact. This site allows you to chat, send emails, and use the matchmaking tools even as a free member.