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Dating Site Review: is an online dating site based in Florida, USA. SDC means Swingers Date Club and it is considered as the biggest swingers club worldwide. This is a very impressive dating site with a good reputation when it comes to getting swingers connected.

The administration of SDC ensures that its members are exactly who they say they are; absolutely no fake profiles are included. So, if you are a new member or someone interested to join, you are given the chance to find your match among the many active members.

Though this site is especially designed for swingers, non-swingers can also join if they want to be introduced to the swingers’ society.

The sign up form can be found on the homepage and you need to fill it up with your user name, email address, password, location and swing status (ex. Straight female, couple, bisexual female and straight male), then you need to read the terms and conditions and must be really over 18 years of age.

Upon signing up, you are on the trial membership status which you can upgrade to a paying member status. After clicking Join, you will be redirected to the next page where your login name and password is displayed. Then you need to provide more details like you’re what type of swinger you are searching for. There is also a box where you need to indicate other personal information like your birthday, race, physical attributes, your preferences, your sexual comfort level and your fetish choices.

The next page is for uploading of profile pictures. When uploading your profile photo you need to make sure that it is clear and has your face visible. Your photo is one of the main attractions of your profile, so choose one that is really attractive.

Profile making is simple and easy. All you need to do is to add your personal details; you can choose to be very specific or very vague, depending on your preferences. Aside from uploading photos, members can also upload video profiles.

Once your profile is complete, you are ready to swing it. Browsing the site is straightforward with features that are located at the top of the screen of every page. Searching options are numerous and you can look for people through their user names, locations or specific keywords. You can even narrow down your searches by using basic and extended attribute search options.

If you think those are great features, then prepare yourself for more. SDC offers more features than any other swinger dating sites over the Internet. If you are invited to events and parties, you can keep them on your invitation list as well as the invitations you intend to send to other members.

Every member has their own calendars, which is the feature for information storage like data on other members’ birthdays, event details and travelling information.

If you want to be really interactive in real-time, the live chat feature can really provide you with active activities for virtual interaction. This could be the best way to really get into the swing of things.

A little reminder though, advertising is strictly prohibited within the site. The main goal of SDC is to provide its members the chance to meet their match and to enjoy a good relationship.

If you are a little shy, this dating site could be a little too much for you. First because you will see too many sexy images and there are members who also upload photos with their private parts showing. So if this is not your thing, you had better find another dating site. But if you think swinging is your thing and you can get along with the flow, then by all means join SDC and be one among the most popular swingers over the web.