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Dating Site Review: is a Latino dating site with online and magazine dating services. This simply means that there are more options and better chances for members in finding their ideal matches. The positive thing about this dating site is that it has a huge data base of active members; therefore online daters are really given the capacity for wide searches and better chances of getting connected to the right people. is a part of Friend Finder network therefore; it is an ideal site for people who are in search of friendship, companionship or even long lasting relationships. Though this Internet dating site is specifically designed for Hispanic community, people from all nationalities are welcome to you join especially those who are in search of Latino and Latina companionship. If you are a Latino, then this site is the best dating site for you.

Having a huge number of memberships is one advantage of this dating site from the rest. It also has a wide array of advance features that allows you to make your profile stand out and make it easy and fun to connect with your ideal match.

Signing up to is simple; you just need to fill up a small questionnaire form asking you about your email address, user name, birthday, and gender. The next step is for filling up of a longer questionnaire inquiring about more personal details like your physical attributes, race, lifestyle and preferences. You also need to provide a little introduction with a title of at least 10 characters long and a description of at least 50 characters long. If you are not ready for this option, you can skip and get back to it after a while. Once you’re a registered member, it is easy to update and edit your profile details.

After creating your profile, an email will be sent to the email address you have provided with the password that you can use for the site. You need this password to confirm that it is indeed your email address and you are a real person. offer loads of fun and useful features that you can use to keep your profile lively and up-to-date. There is the Bling Manager that provides you with the capacity to create icons that you may to use to represent your personality and to make your profile decorative.

You can also create blogs for your profile and you can use it to post your thoughts just like using a personal diary. By creating a blog, you are letting other members to see what is happening to you and what your future plans are. This is somehow making your self more involved in the site on a personal level, ands this attracts most members.

This dating site also features the Amigos Magazine, where members can submit and rate articles. Submissions can be jokes, fictional stories or true-to-life experiences. If you are into writing and also wants to meet new people, this site is your best option. Not only will you be able to express your creative side but you will also be able to meet other members who share the same interests.

Being a free member though has its limitations and if you want to use all features, you will have to upgrade your membership status. Once you are a paid member, you get to enjoy more features that this site has to offer like; unlimited messaging options and live chat. You even have the capacity to host your own chat room and you can create a video profile for a better way of introducing yourself.

From being a standard member, you can upgrade to silver or gold membership. Being a gold member puts your profile on top of search engine results, and you get to introduce yourself to the newest members first.